Features of the Best Gaming Router for PS4

When you hear someone saying s/he has the best gaming router for PS4, what comes to your mind? A lot, right? Well, as much as that should be the case, a good gaming router doesn’t necessarily have to be the fastest or have the most features. All it needs to be is a top-notch all rounded router not only for gaming, but also for your entire home needs as well. With such a router, you can be sure that your gaming experience will be a delightful one. d-link-exo-ac1900-900x443

Talk of Features

A dual band router is one you definitely want to own. One with a dynamic Quality of Service that ensures nothing else is running in the background. All you need is the knowhow of how to set it up correctly. The coverage can be extended only by gaming routers that have up to date beamforming capabilities.d-link-dir-879-ac1900-exo-review

What’s more, you want your PS4 gaming router to be DD-WRT compatible. With this, you can flash it to get more gaming options. Although routers vary in how data is exchanged, those that use Ethernet cables are among the best. This is not to say that Wi-Fi or powerline options are not good, but if you want more speed and reliability, stick with Ethernet.

The best gaming routers for PS4 need a powerful support system. As such, make sure that your CPU is as powerful as possible. It won’t be fair if the router has a lot of potential but it can only perform at its minimum. Get a at least a dual core CPU to allow the router to reach its maximum capabilities.

To get the best gaming experience, you also need to keep the latency and jitter low. You will enjoy more with the lowest pings as timing is everything in most PS4 games.


For the best PS4 gaming experience, your gaming router should be readily fitted with the best features.

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