The Problems with Students Playing Unblocked Games at Schools

With the huge reach of smart phones, everyone including small children has learnt to use internet. The children of the present generation are smarter than the previous ones. So they know how to download and install unblocked games. If you are a teacher and your class has computer systems, there is always a possibility that your students may use the computers to play unblocked games. If your school administration allows children to play unblocked games at school, then this is not an issue for you. But in schools where children are not allowed to play such games, it becomes the responsibility of the teacher to continuously monitoring the students. unblk

There are many practical problems faced by a teacher, when his/her students try to play unblocked games in the classroom. The parents of a particular child may have restricted him/her in their home from playing unblocked games. If the same child is able to play those games in school, there will be an issue between the school and the parents. It will affect the rapport between them which as a result affect the child’s education. In order to avoid this, the teacher can give an oral advice to the students explaining the dos and don’ts and the possible outcomes of them.slitherio-unblocked-2

If children find it interesting to play unblocked games in a computer system, they are likely to miss out the social interaction among the other students. The purpose of sending children to school is not only for getting them education in the text books but also for the experiences they are going to get in new situations. A school is the bridge between a house and the real world. If a child doesn’t take part in the social activity in the school, he/may become an introvert and shy. So, this should be considered by the teachers. If they necessarily want their students to take part in unblocked games, they can allot a particular time for that making sure that they have time for playing and chatting with their classmates.

If children manage to play unblocked games without the knowledge of teachers, there is a possibility that they may come across a mature content which can affect their mind. So, the school needs to take necessary steps to avoid this from happening. A good way to prevent students from play unblocked games at school is to use proxy and filters which can block the sites with listed words. The school can add the names of popular unblocked games in the list of names to be blocked.

Still there are arguments going on whether a school can allow their students to play unblocked games online or not. Though there are positive and negative aspects on both sides, the teacher has to follow the instructions given to him/her by the school. Or else he/she can allow the students to play such games only in his/her presence. The children do not have the maturity enough to distinguish between the good and the bad. So, a teacher needs to take care of his/her students in school whereas the responsibility will be on the parents in home.

Author: Sheridan

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