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Ever since the advent of computers, storage devices have been of utmost importance. These devices initially, stored all the necessary programs and software for the computer. Technology has seen great leaps since that time, and after many breakthroughs we succeeded in building smaller, compact devices, capable of storing gigabytes of data.  The flash drives completely revolutionized the way data is being stored nowadays and life without it has become unimaginable. One popular device that requires the hard drive is the PS4. Read more to find out the Best hard drive for PS4.

Hard drives are considered an investment and if you’re a hardcore gamer, then it is an important one. The standard PS4, PS4 slim, and PS4 Go consoles,  all come with a 500 GB hard drive. But two years down the line, you’ll notice all those games, and updates eating away at your precious space. There’s no need to worry though; you can easily switch the hard drive with any other of your choice and enjoy the benefits of greater spaces and faster speeds. The following is a compiled list of the Best hard drive for PS4.


  • Seagate Gaming 1 TB ST1000LM014

This drive will more than fulfill your storage needs. This drive is SSHD and is a little better than the traditional SSD drives. The only downside is the fact it relies on a spinning spindle with a speed of 5400 rpm. However, it’s not so much a problem as the faster installs, and downloads outweighs everything else.

Price : 72$

  • Seagate 2TB Laptop HDD ST2000LM007

This drive provides four times the storage capacity than the drive you get along with the PS4. However, this drive is a standard SSD and you do not get faster installs and downloads. If your priority is to save some cash and to be able to store a lot if content over performance, then this drive is the best thing out there.


Price : 89.95$

  • Seagate 1TB Laptop HDD ST1000LM035

If budget is a constraint and you don’t want to spend big bucks, then this is the perfect drive for you. It’s HDD so don’t expect to it to be any different than the stock PS4 drive as far as speed is concerned. However, you still get double the storage and all for an affordable price.

Price : 55.55$

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