How To Get Likes On Instagram

You might be there wondering how it is that you can be able to get likes on Instagram without putting much of a hassle. Well, if anyone told you that their thousands of likes come easily, they would probably be lying to you. To achieve a following that pours likes to your every other post, you have to put in some work. Here are some tips and tricks that will see you high rolling with Instagram likes.

  • Hashtags


Most images that have hashtags are more likely to be liked than their counterparts without. The hashtags give room for engagement between followers. The hashtag limit per image on Instagram is 30. Why not use them all? After all, they are all meant for that photo.

  • Filters

If you have a thirst for Instagram photos, don’t use filters. However much you feel the urge to use filters, don’t. The more the filters you use, the lower your photos are likely to be engaging. Most images that attract more likes are normal.

  • Call to Action

Try to use a strong call-to-action when posting your photos on Instagram. This is a sure way to higher your chances of getting more likes. If you include the word “comment” or “like” in your caption, chances are that you will get more likes and comments. Try it out and see the magic happen.


  • Over Editing

Don’t over-edit any of your photos. Photos that look more natural tend to get more likes on Instagram. If your photos look overdone, you are likely to get very few likes.

  • Edgy Photos

Share more edgy photos to get likes on Instagram. The more the structures and edges on your photo, the higher then chances of likes increasing.

  • Right Color Combination

When posting, try using the right combination of color. Mostly, avoid orange, pink and yellow and work more with blue, gray and green.


  • Bright Photos

Enhance the brightness of your photos and you will see for yourself how many more likes you will garner.

Why Sites Like Friv.com Is So Popular

Friv is most talked about site for it offers number dozens of games which kids find so much entertaining. The site is deemed safe and there is no disturbances of pop up, ads and annoying commercials. Games are shown in prominent grid icons and more games come along when each image is scrolled over on the homepage. To access the site one needs no guidance. There are millions of games, however the games are offered by different providers, so the quality of the game as well as the instructions to play the game may vary. However, while playing games you will find Friv suitably disables the links, on each offering. It is a safe way so that kids never land up at anything inappropriate or end in accessing something really unsuitable. While talking about Friv.com this is one of the best free online gaming sites where wonderful collection of frivolous free games are available 24*7. One needs no sign up, people today are seen to be getting hooked with Friv.com as they conclude that the games are vibrantly colorful and out and out addictive. These games are meant to fritter away idle hours and help you derive enormous pleasure in return. You don’t have to spend a penny on playing the games. juegosgratisclub

Finding out the games

When it is about finding out the game, you will come across list of games, which are most played on the Friv-Games.com website. Then there are games meant for girls and there are popular shooting games, which are certainly not violent or aggressive, but amazingly pleasant to play on for hours. Surprisingly, Friv.com is out and out popular with teens and kids, these games are fairly easy to play and older people can play the games too. One needs to click the game that you want to play and you will straightaway be redirected to the game. However, there is one drawback and that is all the games are created using Flash programming technology, hence it may take time to load. Therefore, to play the games on Friv.com one must have a computer where the current version of Adobe Flash player is installed.free-online-games-friv-fever

Gaming interface

While talking about the Friv.com, here the gaming interface is fairly simple, the interface is so simple that young people belonging to any age group can play the games. There are more than 700 games to play and all of them are free. These games are divided into categories like puzzle, action, sports and varying youngster oriented thrilling games.

Hacking an Instagram Account

Hacking through a social media account like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is very easy. There are different reasons as to why people hack an Instagram account like checking if your partner is cheating, forgetting your password from an old account, or just for the fun of it. Regardless of the reasons you have for hacking, you should be aware of the need to respect other people’s privacy. image2

Below are a few features Instagram hacking apps have in common;

  • Easy to use; not everyone in the world is an IT guru. People want less complicated hacking applications that are easy to manipulate. Most of the hacking sites have provided a step by step guide for their users to follow while the complicated parts are left for the technical hackers. If you follow the instructions carefully, you are able to be hacked through in a few minutes or less.
  • Anti-ban; Instagram enables its users to be able to report a hacked account which will be banned thereafter or changed the security encryption codes. Before trying out any hacking app, be sure that they have the anti-ban feature. It prevents the users account from being closed down or banned.how-to-hack-an-instagram-account
  • Proxy connection;every account has a different proxy depending on the location you are in. there are a large number of proxies globally. A proxy connection is an important feature that safeguards your Instagram account. Hackers should be able to login in any server and hack through the states IP address.
  • Encryption; encryption code is the hardest to crack because it hides and protects the users information. Hackers should be able to hack an account without messing up with the encryption codes.


hacker un compte instagram is a technical process. You might find an easy step by step guide to hacking an account but you should take time to look into the hacking features so as to avoid being banned.

Features of the Best Gaming Router for PS4

When you hear someone saying s/he has the best gaming router for PS4, what comes to your mind? A lot, right? Well, as much as that should be the case, a good gaming router doesn’t necessarily have to be the fastest or have the most features. All it needs to be is a top-notch all rounded router not only for gaming, but also for your entire home needs as well. With such a router, you can be sure that your gaming experience will be a delightful one. d-link-exo-ac1900-900x443

Talk of Features

A dual band router is one you definitely want to own. One with a dynamic Quality of Service that ensures nothing else is running in the background. All you need is the knowhow of how to set it up correctly. The coverage can be extended only by gaming routers that have up to date beamforming capabilities.d-link-dir-879-ac1900-exo-review

What’s more, you want your PS4 gaming router to be DD-WRT compatible. With this, you can flash it to get more gaming options. Although routers vary in how data is exchanged, those that use Ethernet cables are among the best. This is not to say that Wi-Fi or powerline options are not good, but if you want more speed and reliability, stick with Ethernet.

The best gaming routers for PS4 need a powerful support system. As such, make sure that your CPU is as powerful as possible. It won’t be fair if the router has a lot of potential but it can only perform at its minimum. Get a at least a dual core CPU to allow the router to reach its maximum capabilities.

To get the best gaming experience, you also need to keep the latency and jitter low. You will enjoy more with the lowest pings as timing is everything in most PS4 games.


For the best PS4 gaming experience, your gaming router should be readily fitted with the best features.

3 Instagram Tips To Increase Your Likes

From its inception in 2010, instagram has continued to register impressive growth in the world of social media as recent surveys suggest instagram users to be above 300 million in number. The growing number of users has also come with its sequent challenges, key among them helping usersto know how toincrease their instagram likes.  There are a couple of tips you can follow to get likes on instagram.

How to get likes On Instagram


  • Create A Communication Strategy: Irrespective of whether you consider yourself a brand or not, having a communication strategy is one of the first things todo once you have an instagram account. That’s because a communication strategy gives you an advantage of not only identifying your target audience, but allows you to create content that is appealing to your demographics.
  • Be Consistent In Posting: One mistake that most instagram users do when looking to increase their instagram likes is not posting enough content. Post frequently (at least twice a day) on instagram has a positive effect on your instagram account as it keeps our account active and with time get you more likes and followers. The only thing you need to be careful about is balancing between quantity and quality; as in instagram, quality content pre dominate quantity.


  • Buy Followers: It may be a retrogressive communication strategy for some people, but many individuals including brands have warmed up to the big business idea of buying followers. The appealing thing about buying followers is that you will not have to go through the vigorous organic process of building instagram followers and consequent likes for your contend or product. As a preliminary caution, get to know how buying followers works and its impact on your target audience before trying it.



There are numerous ways to increase you likes on instagram; all you need to do is to be open minded and have a specific goal in mind.

Unlimited Movies, Unlimited Fun

There are a number of advantages to using torrent movies to download some of your favorite movies. If you are keen on watching some of your most loved movies in good quality without spending too much time or money, then using a torrent link is the best thing that you can do. There are a number of different kinds of torrent links available and these links are very transparent when it comes to mentioning all the information about the movies. This makes it very easy to pick a strong link and download a movie in no time at all. moh-maya-money-torrent-movie-poster-300x160

Torrent links do not work like other download links. Torrents have no servers, the peers act as servers and when there are more peers the movie downloads easier. If you don’t have a lot of time in hand and you want to download a movie fast then always pick a link that has more peers. Using these torrents is very easy and when you have multiple options to download one single movie, you can pick the one that is best and download the movie in a format that you prefer downloading. When you use torrents, there is no risk of the format being wrong since you can check the format before you download the movie.snowden-torrent-2016-full-hd-movie-free-download-300x160

Torrent links have some of the best movies new and old, so no matter what kind of movies you love, you will always find a perfect movie for you on these links. Torrents are very safe and the risk of a virus is eliminated when you download movies from torrents. This is why it is the most popular way to download movies. If you are keen on watching movies at your convenience without spending any money then you need to try out torrent downloads today.

How to Distinguish a Genuine From a Fake VIN Decoder

A VIN number can help you in a number of ways ranging from getting the car’s most detailed information all the way to getting history reports of the car. However, there is also a way that can help you determine whether the VIN number is real or fake. With an online VIN calculator from www.vin-decoder.com it is possible to know. If, on the other hand, you want to try it out yourself, here is how to go about it. how-to-read-decode-mustang-vin-number_2610

The Ninth Character

The ninth character is the “check character” and it is mandatory in North America and other parts of the world. The character can be either an X or a number.001_vin-decoder

  • Replace all the letters with a number
    • A and J are number 1
    • B,K, and S are 2
    • C,L and T are 3
    • D,M and U are 4
    • E,N and V are 5
    • F and W are 6
    • G,P and X are 7
    • H and Y are 8
    • R and Z are 9
    • I, O and Q are never used.
  • Write the following numbers underneath your new 17 digit number code (below each number)
    • 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 10 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 (note that 10 is one number)
  • Multiply each column of the numbers you have – each digit on the 17-digit code multiplied by the number beneath it.
  • After multiplying each column, add all the resultant numbers together.
  • Divide your result from the addition by 11 and when it gets to the decimal point, stop at that. You only need whole numbers thus if there are any reminders, don’t continue.
  • The multiplication process should have a reminder. Check the number and compare it with the ninth digit. If the remainder is 10, write down X.



To check whether your car’s VIN number is genuine or not, there is a calculation method that is used. The number you get as the remainder during your calculation should be the same one as the ninth digit.