Helping publishers increase paywall profitability

DoubleRecall web
DoubleRecall web
DoubleRecall web
DoubleRecall web
DoubleRecall web


    Increase revenue

    Publishers use DoubleRecall to increase the profitability and efficiency of your paywall by monetizing social, search and email traffic with simple engagement ads.

    • Increase revenue by increasing paywall visitor engagement over 80%.
    • Define where and when individual readers are presented with the option to “engage” for access to content.
    • Introduce a completely unique ad unit for your team to sell to your advertisers.
    • Increase revenue per reader by 300%


    Increase brand awareness

    Brands use DoubleRecall to increase awareness and user engagement by giving readers access to the best premium content on the web.

    • Deliver significantly increased value to the reader vs. traditional ad units.
    • 11x higher brand awareness and 30x higher CTR vs. traditional banners & ad units.
    • Improve brand engagement / interactivity with targeted messages.